Architect in Valencia, we design unique and sustainable spaces that showcase your style, meet your needs, and promote well-being. We stand out for our experience and creativity.



Hello, I’m Alberto Zalve Olmos, an experienced and approachable architect. I assist you in creating your living space and accompany you throughout the entire process of undertaking a construction project, with a strong commitment to quality work, sustainable architecture, and adaptation and respect for the environment, all while carefully considering design. I involve my clients in the creative process, forming a team by listening to their ideas, proposing alternatives, and engaging in dialogue to understand their needs and goals until we achieve the best solution.

As an architect since 1997, we have completed over 250 projects, ranging from small single-family homes to building complex, with a particular focus on the rehabilitation of buildings, which brings us such positive values. Whenever possible, choose rehabilitation for its economic and environmental benefits.


We offer comprehensive services tailored to each architectural project, with the added value of advisory and project monitoring. We are a customer-focused architecture firm.


Single-family homes, townhouses, residential buildings, both public and private structures in general.


Comprehensive rehabilitation of old homes, renovation and interior design for homes and commercial spaces, and restoration of architectural heritage.


Advisory services for businesses and individuals, cost control, reports, energy efficiency, pathology studies, and urban planning.

Customer reviews

We build trust, and our clients can attest to that. We listen to them before, during, and after each architectural project.

“Alberto is generous in sharing his extraordinary technical knowledge, empathetic as he shares in your joys and frustrations, and assertive in clearly knowing what can and cannot be done, thus ensuring that deadlines are met. Only he holds the key to reflecting on each space and making it align with the desires and true needs of the future occupants.”

- Borja Chirivella

“From the very beginning, he was able to grasp the concept we had in mind for our dream home. He managed to sketch out our vision on a simple napkin while we were having coffee during our initial meeting. He accompanied us throughout the entire construction process, providing ideas, advice, and always listening to us, making the long journey easier for us. He was highly engaged during the construction, making frequent visits to check on the project’s progress.”

- Marga Villanova

“Alberto handled both the project and construction of our home, as well as our business. He accompanied us throughout, providing guidance for any questions while perfectly understanding our tastes and needs. A true professional.”

- Carolina Mallo

“With Alberto, we’ve been in sync from the very beginning, to the extent that we designed our home from thousands of kilometers away. You can trust his judgment and recommendations regarding the project’s development even more than your own estimates.”

- Néstor Salom